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Cornerstone Book Gift Bundles

Love Masonic books? Cornerstone has a way for you to have by buying the subject you like most. Our book bundles let you save 40% off the retail price when you buy any of our book bundles. Books for the New Mason, Lodge Officer, Masonic History, Masonic Philosophy, Masonic Esoteric Books, Masonic Ritual Study, Scottish Rite, York Rite.

Books for the New Mason

3 books separately $47.85

Bundled for $28.71

new mason


Masonic Questions and Answers (Softcover 144 pages) by Paul Bessel

Masonic Words and Phrases (Softcover 116 pages) edited by Michael R. Poll

The Newly-Made Mason (Softcover 116 pages) by H. L. Haywood



Books for Lodge Officers

3 books separately $51.85

Bundled for $38.11

Lodge Officerssm copy


The Principles of Masonic Law (Softcover 186 pages) by Albert G. Mackey

Robert’s Rules of Order: Masonic Edition (Softcover 212 pages) Revised by Michael R. Poll

Our Stations and Places – Masonic Officer’s Handbook (Softcover 164 pages) by Henry G. Meacham



Masonic History

3 books separately $77.85

Bundled for $46.71

Masonic Historysm


A General History of Freemasonry (Softcover 434 pages) Translated by J. Fletcher Brennan

General History and Cyclopedia of Freemasonry (Softcover 402 pages)by Robert Macoy

A Lexicon of Freemasonry (Softcover 530 pages) by Albert G. Mackey



Masonic Philosophy

3 books separately $52.85

Bundled for $31.74

masonic philosophysm


Symbols of Freemasonry and the Greater Symbols of Antiquity(Softcover 296 pages) by J. D. Buck

The Symbolism of Freemasonry(Softcover 366 pages) by Albert G. Mackey

The FreeMasons Key(Softcover 244 pages) Edited by Michael R. Poll



Masonic Esoteric Books

3 books separately $47.85

Bundled for $28.71

Masonic esotericsm


The Ceremony of Initiation(Softcover 74 pages) by W.L. Wilmshurst

Freemasons and Rosicrucians – The Enlightened(Softcover 152 pages) by Manly P. Hall

The Eleusian Mysteries and Rites(Softcover 98 pages) by Dudley Wright



Masonic Ritual Study

3 books separately $42.85

Bundled for $25.71

masonic ritualsm


Jachin and Boaz(Softcover 92 pages) by Samuel Pritchard

The Three Distinct Knocks(Softcover 100 pages)by Samuel Pritchard

The Ritual of the Operative Freemasons(Softcover 66 pages) by Thomas Carr



Scottish Rite Education

3 books separately $70.85 

Bundled for $42.51

Scottish Ritesm


The Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite in Thirty-Three Degrees(Softcover 814 pages) by Robert B. Folger

The Statutes and Regulations, Institutes, Laws and Grand Constitutions of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite(Softcover 194 pages) by Albert Pike

Readings XXXII Instructions in the thirty-Second Degree(Softcover 174 pages) by Albert Pike



York Rite

3 books separately $57.85

Bundled for $34.71

York Ritesm


Origin of the Royal Arch(Softcover 202 pages) by George Oliver

The Text Book of Cryptic Masonry(Softcover 102 pages) by Jackson H. Case

Knight Templar Magazine – Biographies(Softcover 490 pages) by Ivan M. Tribe




Evelyn Klebert has recently published volumes in two new series. The first is Vol. I of The Clandestine Exploits of a Werewolf and the second is two books in The Breslin Family Tales of the Supernatural collection.

(Buy just $25.00 and U.S. Shipping is FREE!)



In the heart of every man there is a history. In the heart of every monster there is a story. In this first installment of “The Clandestine Exploits of a Werewolf,” Ethan Garraint is on a vendetta that begins in the heart of the Pyrenees with the fall of Montségur and leads him to the streets of New Orleans nearly five hundred years later. But the person he chases isn’t really a man anymore and Ethan has been a werewolf for almost a millennium. With the aid of a gifted seer, he is on a blood hunt that will culminate in a journey that crosses the line between heaven and earth and ends somewhere in between.

6×9 Softcover 140 pages
Retail Price: $14.95
ISBN 1613421338




All seems ordinary on the corner of Prytania Street where the Breslin family quietly lives in their Victorian style, Uptown home. It seems that way, except it isn’t. Cassandra Breslin is a clairvoyant healer; her daughter, Caroline, an empath; Jared, her teenage son, a precognitive; and Cassandra’s younger sister, Elise, a medium who frequently talks to the dead. So life in the Breslin family is always just a step beyond unpredictable.

Caroline Breslin, determined to strike out on her own and establish her independence, moves out of the family house. And all is going well that is until she comes under siege from a devastating supernatural attack. The last thing Caroline wants is to run back to her family for help, even though she is painfully in over her head. What she really needs is a knight in shining armor or maybe just that guy that keeps haunting her dreams.

Max Gravier had no intention of becoming a recluse, but after his wife’s death it seems his life is heading in that direction. He spends his time running Gravier’s Bookshop on Magazine Street and occasionally on the quiet helps the police solve a crime with his psychic sensitivities. That is until he answers a call, a cry for help out of his dreams that draws him into a fierce battle for a young woman’s soul.


by Evelyn Klebert
6×9 Softcover 190 pages
Retail Price: $15.95
ISBN 1613421400




Something spooky is happening in one of New Orleans’ most historic and luxurious hotels. In “The Hotel Mandolin”, the second installment of “The Breslin Family Tales of the Supernatural” series, peril is wrapped up in the most enticing of disguises. It’s opulent, it’s classic, and it’s one of the most renowned hotels nestled deep in New Orleans’ famous business district, but something is amiss at The Hotel Mandolin. PI Peter Norfleet is calling out the big guns to help him investigate a recent suicide at the famous establishment — his good friend Max Gravier, a formidable psychic, and his girlfriend Caroline Breslin, a talented empath. But none of them can seem to scratch the surface of this puzzle, no one except Cassie Breslin, Caroline’s clairvoyant mother, who has somehow tapped into an unexpected connection with a tragic ghost from the turn of the century. And the more she uncovers the more dangerous and malevolent the mystery becomes.

by Evelyn Klebert
6×9 Softcover 138 pages
Retail Price: $14.95
ISBN 1613421966



New Releases from Cornerstone

Check out some of these new releases at Cornerstone Book Publishers.

(Buy just $25.00 and U.S. Shipping is FREE!)



New Orleans Desserts from Momma’s Kitchen is a collection of great tasting dessert recipes with a decided Southern Creole bend. This book provides the “how to’s” for everyone’s favorite indulgent desserts and follows Eulalie Miscenich Poll’s first cookbook collection, A New Orleans Cookbook from Momma’s Kitchen.

by Eulalie Miscenich Poll
6×9 Softcover 182 pages
Retail Price: $16.95
ISBN 1613421680




Here is a great selection of mouth-watering New Orleans dishes from a true New Orleans Creole. These recipes give you a reason to eat even if you are not hungry! From beverages to salads, meat to casseroles, seafood to desserts, it is all here in one book. “A New Orleans Cookbook from Momma’s Kitchen” is the cookbook you need in your own kitchen.

by Eulalie Miscenich Poll
7.5 x 9.25 Softcover 396 pages
Retail Price: $26.95
ISBN 1-934935-37-9




From 1993 through 2012, historian Ivan M. Tribe wrote over ninety biographical articles for Knight Templar Magazine on Masons who have made significant contributions to American History and Culture. These figures include Brothers from government, the military, business, sports, entertainment and philanthropy. Subjects range from Gerald Ford and Hubert Humphrey to Gene Autry and John Wayne. The sketches cover both their public and Masonic careers. Three articles are hitherto unpublished. Those interested in American History and Freemasonry will find this book a fascinating read as well as a good reference volume.

by Ivan M. Tribe
Edited by John L. Palmer
6×9 Softcover 490 pages
Retail Price: $24.95
ISBN: 1613421699




First published in French in 1860, and then translated into English by Arthur Edward Waite in 1913, this is one of the true classics of esoteric literature. This ground-breaking work by Levi was quoted extensively (without credit) by Albert Pike in the Scottish Rite masterpiece, “Morals and Dogma.” Levi’s “The History of Magic” set the standard for esoteric writing and is a major factor in the occult revival of the 19th and early 20th century. This is a photographic reproduction of the 1922 Second English Language Edition. Includes a preface by A.E. Waite as well as illustrations and an index.

by Eliphas Levi
Translated by Arthur Edward Waite
6×9 Softcover 594 pages
Retail Price: $24.95
ISBN 1613421559




Before the discovery of the Rosetta Stone, Egyptian hieroglyphics were funny looking drawings with no meaning. The Rosetta Stone opened the door to the rich, fascinating and largely unknown history of Ancient Egypt. E. A. Wallis Budge’s, “The Rosetta Stone” is loved, hated, but never ignored. Budge was a ground breaker in understanding and discovering the early Egyptian culture, religions and myths. In this work, he provides a clear, dynamic and often debated understanding of the Rosetta Stone. This is a “must read” book for anyone who has a love of the ancient Egyptian mysteries. Photographic reproduction of the classic 1904 edition.

by E. A. Wallis Budge
6×9 Softcover 210 pages
Retail Price: $15.95
ISBN 1613421540




An explanation of the 33 degrees of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite as worked by the Supreme Council of Scotland. All the degrees from the Entered Apprentice to Sovereign Grand Inspector General. Photographic Reproduction of the 1875 edition.

Part of the Cornerstone Scottish Rite Education Series

by J. T. Loth
6×9 Softcover 148 pages
Retail Price: $16.95
ISBN: 1613421397



Here are some brand new esoteric books published by Cornerstone Book Publishers:


Classic account of Egyptian magical practices and history by one of the most resected Egyptologists ever to live. Includes: “Magical Stones or Amulets”; “Magical Figures”; “Magical Pictures and Formulas, Spells, Etc.”; “Magical Names”; “Magical Ceremonies” and more. Photographic reproduction of the 1901 edition of this work. Retail Price: $16.95
ISBN 1613421249


Noted metaphysical author and physician, Franz Hartmann gives us an intriguing look into the esoteric aspects of medicine and human health. He helps us to understand the meaning of “disease” as well as covers subjects such as “The Constitution of Man;” “The Four Pillars of Medicine;” “The Five Causes of Disease;” “The Five Classes of Physicians;” “The Medicine of the Future” and more. This is a photographic reproduction of the 1893 edition of this work. Retail Price: $14.95
ISBN 1613421133


This is an enlightening introductory study of Christian Mysticism. Includes: The Mystic Life; The Path of Discipleship; Illumination; The Mystic Christ; Recommendations for Daily Life and much more. Includes a detailed Appendix and Index. Retail Price: $16.95
ISBN 1613421125


Max Heindel (1865-1919) was one of the most prolific and respected of Rosicrucian writers. His magnum opus was the 1909, “The Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception,” the acclaimed thesis on Christian mysticism and human spiritual evolution. This special Cornerstone edition is a photographic reprint of the 1910 enlarged second edition. Retail Price: $26.95
ISBN 1613420994


This is an intriguing look into a seldom considered aspect of the life of President Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln’s philosophy, concept of morality and manner of living are examined in a metaphysical setting. Retail Price: $14.95
ISBN 1613421117


To Book Shop or Not to Book Shop

The first book I wrote was published in 1973 – a year after I graduated from high school. The book shop community in New Orleans was very different back then. Book shops were everywhere. I don’t mean a handful of used book stores. I mean sellers of newly published books – the popular, new books as well as local or specialty books. The vast majority were mom and pop shops – small/medium in size, but where you would go to find interesting books.
Over the years, the economy took its toll on small businesses of all kinds. One by one the small book shops in New Orleans either closed up or were gobbled up by the larger shops. Today, Barnes & Noble is the monster shop and most all other book shops (save a few used book sellers) have gone away. It happened because of business practices and the result of the poor economy. Small book shops bought stock at wholesale from book distributors or publishers and resold at retail. Their business was operated on the profit from the reselling of the books they bought at wholesale. As the small shops did not have the volume of business of the large shops, their profit was like a piece of glass – able to be broken if it took too hard of a hit. The death blow was often delivered by the large shops who (because of their larger volume of business) could offer the more popular books at a discount the small shops could not match. The large shops were willing and able to take the losses in these profit areas because they would make up the lost profits with the other books they sold that were not discounted. It is simply the leverage a larger shop can exert. When a small shop reached the point of no return, it either closed up or (if it was a popular enough shop) was bought out by a larger shop. Finally, New Orleans was left with two large shops: Barnes & Noble and Borders. Not long ago, Borders fell and now we have one.
One type of specialty book shop that could be found in most parts of New Orleans was metaphysical book shops. I remember the popular Golden Leaves book shop when it first opened off Airline Hwy. and then moved off Severn in Fat City. It was a great place for the more esoterically inclined, but there were other such shops as well. They were more than book shops. They were centers where you could find like-minded people to share ideas with and enjoy discussions on spiritual subjects. They often held group meetings or lectures in the shops on different esoteric subjects. They were not only sellers of books, but educational centers. It was great. They are all gone now.
I started publishing books in 1995. In the very early days, I only published books dealing with Freemasonry. In time, the titles expanded into more metaphysical, Rosicrucian and other esoteric subjects. As the catalog grew, contemporary literature was added and then a very different area – pulp fiction joined the collection of books. With our move back to New Orleans, the final part of our catalog, local New Orleans and Louisiana books (reprints of local classics) filled out our main catalog.
A few years ago I realized that Cornerstone had grown into a large catalog. That, along with the fact that there was a need in the New Orleans area for a specialty book shop, put an idea in my head. The seeds of a small retail shop were planted. But, I wanted to take my time as I knew that I would be going up against one monster of a large book seller who could buy and sell me many times over. I knew that there was no way to compete unless I simply did what I did best – sell the books published by Cornerstone. Whenever I did any sort of book fair, the books sold like hot cakes so I knew there was a market. But, a physical store was a different animal. I wanted the right location and did not want to settle.
So, what area? There were a number of areas that we considered, but each just did not suit us for this or that reason. One day, my wife (the beautiful and extraordinary talented author, Evelyn Klebert) and I were riding down Canal Blvd. in the Lakeview area and passed a favorite old haunt of ours – the old Plantation Coffee House. Like so many other places, it is gone now, but how we use to enjoy the atmosphere there. Just passing by the building brought back great memories. It was a gathering of artists who came to enjoy the coffee and soak up the vibes of all who sat near them. We wanted to be somewhere in that area.
After studying the area, we narrowed it down even further. Hurricane Katrina had devastated the Lakeview area. The 17th Street Canal broke there and the whole area was flooded. To this day, you can still find many homes and businesses that are only abandoned shells, victims of the flood and with no sign of pending return. But, there was Harrison Ave. It is one of the main arteries of Lakeview running from the 17th Street Canal to City Park. Just driving down the street, you can see the new businesses that have popped up over the last few years. The once popular Robert E. Smith public library on Harrison and Canal is rebuilt and back open. It feels like a center of art once again. We picked Harrison Ave.
Not too long ago, we decided to make a jump. I posted a short note on Facebook saying that we were thinking of opening a book shop and were looking at the Lakeview and Harrison area. We asked if anyone knew of any space available for a book shop. My friend Dave Krasner gave me a yell. Dave owns Expetec Technology Services and he told me that he had just bought an old bank building on the corner of Harrison and Fleur de Lis and could use a tenant. We got together and everything worked out. The area is perfect and the building is just what is needed for both businesses. The building needs some work, but not much and we expect to have both businesses opened by mid November (+/-).
So, Cornerstone Book Publishers will now not only be a book publisher, but will be a book shop and, hopefully, a center for Masonic/esoteric education. Make no mistake, we are a small guy and can’t hope to compete with the sparkle, countless number of books or fine displays of a Barnes & Noble. But, we have books that are of quality and can provide what is wanted and needed. We didn’t make the New York Times Bestsellers list by publishing garbage. We have a proven track record and are one of the top book sellers in the Amazon Masonic and Esoteric lists. We will stock Cornerstone titles and can order most any book available through the normal distributors. And yes, if all goes well, we do have plans to grow. :-)
More to come on opening dates.
Michael R. Poll

Kindle Books

Take another look at just some of the Cornerstone books newly revised on Kindle.


This very rare and long out of print biographical work is a must for any Mason with a desire for Masonic research. This is NOT a photocopy of the original work, but a completely new, re-type set edition. The four volume in one collection has between 300 & 400 pages in each book. This is a true collector’s edition.

While a few editorial changes have been made the work is for the most part as it was when first published. The largest change is the addenda that was at the end of the 4th edition. The addenda was a collection of corrections and additions to the work. We have incorporated the corrections and additions into the work itself removing the need for the addenda.

Includes a clickable Table of Contents.


The Pictorial Key to the Tarot is A. E. Waite’s influential guide to Tarot symbolism, published in England in conjunction with the Rider-Waite-Smith deck. While Waite was an occultist, he was very concerned with the accuracy of the symbols he used for his deck, and he did much research into the traditions, interpretations, and history behind the cards. Includes a clickable Table of Contents.
One of the most beloved and respected Masonic educators provides a true course in Masonic education in this rare classic. This is an excellent Masonic education program for both the new and experienced Mason. In this small, easy to read book, Haywood offers explanations on Freemasonry’s relationship with such profound topics as: democracy, liberty, human nature, education, ritual and symbolism, Masonic ethics, equality, Freemasonry and religion and much more. Includes a clickable Table of Contents.
Legendary Masonic authors, Albert Mackey and Albert Pike take us on an amazing venture from the days of the Crusades and the Knights Templar to the creation of modern speculative Freemasonry in a collection of inspiring papers. Includes the rare, The Order of the Temple by Albert Pike. Edited by Michael R. Poll with a Foreword by S. Brent Morris. Includes a clickable Table of Contents.
This book contains a collection of Christian sermons delivered by Freemasons, some Christian ministers, in Christian churches. It spans the 1700’s to 1900’s. This work is not offered to lift up the Christian faith over any other religion, but to show that to Christian Masons, Christianity is their faith. It is what they believe and it is not diminished by their Masonic membership. A devout Christian Mason is as devout a Christian as any devout Christian. The charges that Freemasonry is anti-Christian or that Christians cannot be true Christians as well as Freemasons are false. Includes a clickable Table of Contents.
C.W. Leadbeater offers an enlightened study of the Path of Discipleship under the Guidance of the Ascended Masters. While existing in our troubled world, we can see in this work the place of initiation and its role in both our spiritual and physical selves. Beautifully written in a manner to both guide and instruct, this classic book is of timeless value to all students of Initiation and Guided Wisdom. Includes a clickable Table of Contents.

The Witches’ Own

Cornerstone author Evelyn Klebert has just released a new book just in time for the Halloween season.


On the surface things seem quiet and serene in the picturesque coastal village of Kilmarnock, Virginia. But something unseen roams its lush forests as the past and present collide and the unthinkable begins to wreak its vengeance. Young Lucy Bonner is executed for witchcraft in the town’s distant and brutal past. Her death triggers an unholy chain of events which grasp at the restless heart of novelist Peter McQuade, spurring him towards a quest to uncover the dark and terrifying truth.

Available at Cornerstone Books, Amazon, Kindle, and all other major on-line booksellers.


The Mystic’s Collection

Cornerstone author Evelyn Klebert has just released an eBook box set on Kindle entitled The Mystic’s Collection. This set contains three paranormal novels including An Uneasy Traveler, Sanctuary of Echoes, and Treading on Borrowed Time. The collection is on sale at $2.99 through the month of August. Here is the link: The Mystic’s Collection.


A boxed set of three haunting and unforgettable novels masterfully woven by paranormal author Evelyn Klebert. (753 pages)

“An Uneasy Traveler”: What would you do if your destiny was ruining your life? A gifted artist battling his personal demons has a chance meeting with a guarded, young woman that sends both their lives spiraling onto a different track. A spiritual awakening draws these two together, propelling them onto a new and disturbing path. It is a monumental struggle to overcoming their obstacles,fears, and the shadow of a past life to carve out a future together.

“Sanctuary of Echoes”: Corey Knight was convinced all that was ahead for her was a quiet, reclusive life spent living out the rest of her days in her childhood home on Esplanade Avenue on the fringes of New Orleans’ French Quarter. But the unexpected specter of her deceased father plunges her into a mad quest for a missing supernatural weapon unearthed long ago. And unfortunately her only ally is a lost love who she betrayed.

“Treading on Borrowed Time”: For Julia Moreau life seems complicated. But Julia doesn’t have a clue what complicated is until she is thrust into being the key chess piece in a match between two men of extraordinary abilities on the wild hunt for a mystical creature hidden in the heart of New Orleans’ French Quarter. Will Julia lose her soul to the karma of a past life or her heart to the love of a man driven by dark forces?



New Books from Cornerstone

Check out these new titles recently released by Cornerstone!!



Bridge Builder’s Guide
by Kyle Ferlemann
Foreword by Robert G. Davis
Commentaries by Cliff Porter

6×9 Softcover 148 pages
Retail Price: $16.95
ISBN 1613420439

There has never been as much controversy in Masonry as that generated by the writings, rituals and symbols of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry and its members. The majority of all Masonic conspiracy theories center upon the arcane symbolism of the Rite. In recent years study guides have become available, but they lack an in-depth and personalized discussion of our ancient mystical tradition. A man might read about the color of our hats, but it is unlikely he would be faced with a spiritual discussion of the colors as they relate to the Craft. The time has come for such a book. The time has come for this book. Kyle Ferlemann provides us with an in-depth, easy to read and understand text book for the Scottish Rite. It is, “The Bridge Builders Guide.”

Part of the Cornerstone Scottish Rite Education Series



by Calvin C. Burt
6×9 Softcover 352 pages
Retail Price: $18.95
ISBN 1613420455


This is a photographic reproduction of Calvin C. Burt’s 1879 history “Egyptian Masonic Rite of Memphis.” This classic work provides an important look at the history of this near lost rite and provides much food for thought regarding the activities of U.S. Freemasonry in the 1800’s.


by Robert Macoy
6 x 9 Softcover 402 pages
Retail Price: $21.95
ISBN 1613420544

Masonic education is on on-going process that comes in many packages. There are a handful of Masonic classics from the 1800’s that should be in the library of every serious Masonic student. Macoy’s General History and Cyclopedia of Freemasonry is one of those classics. This work provides the Masonic student with a foundation upon which to continue his education in Freemasonry. The work is divided into a history section followed by an encyclopedic examination of the various terms, bodies, degrees and customs of Freemasonry. This is a photographic reproduction of the 1870 work. Illustrated.


by Henry C. Atwood
6×9 Softcover 396 pages
Retail Price: $21.95
ISBN 1613420528

This acclaimed and classic work provides the Masonic student with enlightened explanations in the craft degrees as well as the various degrees of the York and Scottish Rite. This is a rare work respected for its value to Freemasonry. Photographic reproduction of the 1850 work.

Treading on Borrowed Time

Paranormal author Evelyn Klebert has recently released a new novel entitled Treading on Borrowed Time. We sat down with Evelyn recently to discuss her latest endeavor.

Q: What is Treading on Borrowed Time about?

A: Well essentially it’s about a young woman, Julia Moreau, who has been disillusioned a bit by life, coming out of a failed marriage and recovering from the death of her parents, but who on the bright side has strong psychic tendencies and is being mentored by the spirit of her Great Aunt. But of course the stakes get higher when Julia is drafted to help a mysterious Englishman to track a mystical creature in the French Quarter. And then quite jarringly she finds there is another man on the same quest who literally yanks her into another time to elicit her aid.

Q: Sounds exciting, what inspired you to write this?

A: Quite honestly I was looking for a change of pace after Sanctuary of Echoes. Sanctuary was a very intricate book, filled with introspection and time shifts. With this book I wanted to write something a bit on the lighter side, more straight forward in terms of time line, very romantic, and a bit more action oriented. But a key element in this novel was my heroine. I made the decision to make her a Type 1 diabetic.

Q:Why did you make her a diabetic?

A: I’ve actually wanted to do a character like this for a long time but hadn’t really found the vehicle to do so. I live with Type 1 diabetes and understand the way that it changes your life. I think anyone who has a serious medical condition can relate to this. Managing your illness becomes part of the fabric of your life and I thought it would be interesting to create a character who along with all the other extraordinary complications in her life has this one as well.

Q: Are you currently working on anything?

A: Yes, I’m working to put together a collection of paranormal love stories. I’m including a few of my favorites from other collections and adding in several new ones. It should be out just after the first of the year.

Treading on Borrowed Time is now available at Cornerstone Book Publishers, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and all other major on-line retailers. It is also available in e-book format on Kindle, The Nook, and many other e-book retailers.


For Julia Moreau life seems complicated. Emerging from a failed marriage and managing a lifetime of diabetes, she lives alone in her childhood home where she communicates with the spirit of her Great Aunt Lilia. But Julia doesn’t have a clue what complicated is until she is thrust into being the key chess piece in a match between two powerful men of extraordinary abilities on the wild hunt for a mystical creature hidden in the heart of New Orleans’ French Quarter. Will Julia lose her soul to the karma of a devastating past life or her heart to the love of a man driven by dark forces? What is clear is that whichever way she turns she is “Treading on Borrowed Time.”

6×9 Softcover 198 pages
Retail Price: $16.95
ISBN 1-613420-22-6